The Studio

The Pinnacle Studio is a lovely four bedroom house transformed into a multi-room audio recording studio. Situated in a quiet corner of Des Moines, Iowa, the studio provides a very quiet, halcyon environment perfect for the creative process.

Sporting a 10x20 beautifully wood-floored live room, an acoustically deadened vocal booth, and a master control room all in separate rooms of the house, the studio is capable of handling innumerable combinations and setups of musicians, tailored specifically to the artist's recording style and preference.

For questions regarding the studio and/or gear please contact us!

Click on the images below for a quick virtual tour of the studio!

The Owner

Darren Hushak is the founder, owner, operator, chief moral support, and almighty wizard of Pinnacle Recording.

"Music Enthusiast" is the grossest understatement of his existence. He has owned and operated a record label, managed bands, been in bands, recorded, mixed, and mastered albums, written music, arranged music, mixed live shows at numerous venues, gone on tours, been the general manager, chief engineer, and music director of a college radio station, planned major music festivals, been the street team leader and production manager for another major music festival, stagehanded, worked on major audio installations, researched state-of-the-art 3-dimensional sound spatialization, and majored in electrical engineering and minored in Music and Music Technology at Iowa State University.