Studio Rates:

Pinnacle offers recording at rates we feel are fair and feasible to both parties in order to achieve a level of pride and quality without needing to sell all of your gear to pay for it:

 -Instrumental Tracking: $40/hour
 -Vocal Tracking: $20/hour
 -Mixing/Mastering: $40/hour

Project rates are also available to suit artist's individual needs and situations - just talk to us!

Other Services:

Pinnacle also offers many other services in the audio field:

 -Live Recording
 -Live Sound Engineering
 -PA/Equipment Rental
 -Performance Consultation
 -Installation Consultation
 -Sound Design

Basically, if it deals with music or audio in some way, Pinnacle can almost certainly handle it. If we can't, we will know somebody who can. Rates on these services vary from situation to situation. Simply contact us and we can get something worked out for whatever you may need.